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1331186 /28/12/23



(+30) 22710 32336

Karfas, 82100, Chios, Northeastern Aegean Islands, Greece

Check in time: 14.00
Check out time: 11.00

If you wish to come earlier or depart later than the specified time, please contact us to make sure that the room is available.

Deposit & Cancellation Policy

• For the confirmation of your reservation a 30% deposit is required.

• If you cancel your reservation 20 days before the arrival date there isn’t any charge and the deposit will be refunded.

• The reservations which will be cancelled between 0-19 days from the arrival date will be charged with the 30% of the total stay value.

• Late arrival or departure before the specified date is charged with 100% of the total reservation value.

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